Main Stage Line-up

DJ Jan

Live DJ


In the world of music he was the owner of a legendary dance music store, had a DJing career that saw him travel all over the world from the US to Asia and held residences including The Ministry of Sound.

Jan will play a dance music set to get those feet dancing!


Thomas Piner

Acoustic artist

thomas piner.jpg

Tom Piner is a singer songwriter playing alternative folk music based in Salisbury. He's played gigs and festivals in Salisbury, Bath, Bristol and throughout the South West. He opened the second stage at Claytonbury last year and we are delighted to be welcoming him back having just released his first single.


covers band


The party band Mirroball has been around for over 10 years in a number of different formats with 3 of the original members still in the band.  They pride themselves on being a cover band that play cover songs with a difference.  The musicians in Mirrorball are all hugely talented performers, whose love and enthusiasm for playing together is obvious from their entertaining performances.


Ben Homan

Vocalist and guitarist from The Ha’pennies

ben howman The Ha'Pennies .jpeg

Vocalist and guitarist from The Ha’pennies, a budding indie band sensation currently being played on Kerrang Radio and other radio stations with their new EP ‘Fill Your Boots’. 

The Ha’pennies music contains elements of acoustic, rock and pop with a bluesy undertone. 

Ben will be playing bangers from their current set and covers to get you dancing!

Lost Property

eclectic 8-piece band

Lost Property.jpg

Lost Property are a group misfits found in the Clayton’s Lost Property Office looking for an opportunity to play music. We are an 8 Piece (5 Vocals) band of local parents, friends and relations...including everything from Pro Musicians to first time Karoke stars...

They play an eclectic mix of great songs, crossing many genres and many decades.. from Post Punk to Soulful and Rock classics.. the defining link - They love them!! Songs that have meant something special to all of them and this festival is a chance to share them and the joy of playing them with you.


Tit on a Biscuit Tin

Folk Band

(Blue) Tit on a Biscuit Tin formed as a regular folk session, then band, after a disparate group of friends attended the inspiring and inclusive festival workshops run by the Folk Orc at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival. Named after a single string dulcimer owned by the member of the band often referred to as “The Beast”, Biscuit Tin are at the start of their journey from front room folk session to open mic stage mediocrity. Not to be taken too seriously, joining in is expected, sarcasm encouraged and quaffing a must!

Knights of the opera

queen cover band

It was lovely to see so many happy faces of all ages, but particularly the youngsters, engaged in so many activities all over and around the field. I arrived near the end, but the place was still throbbing.
— Chris Baron